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Evolution of Justin Timberlake - a Colouring Book


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Size: 5 x 7 inches (13 x 18 cm)

Handmade in Canada

He brought Sexy Back in his Suit & Tie . All your favourite JT moments from his teen years to pop hits and SNL skits.

16 Illustrations: Young Justin, Mickey Mouse Club with Ryan Gosling, Ramen Hair, Bye Bye Bye - Turtleneck + Glasses, Jt and his cornrows, N*Sync, Britney + Justin and denim outfits, Justified, JT and Janet at the Superbowl, Sexy Back, with Jimmy Fallon as the Bee Gees, Dick in a Box, Single Ladies Skit, Social Network JT, JT and Jay Z, 20/20 Experience JT (perfectly coiffed hair)